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Supernatural health products: Organic and Natural

Made from tropical soil grown Wheat Grass,

10 x more powerful than winter grown Wheatgrass Powder.

Quick and easy to make, carry / store - Super CONVENIENT,

Costs less than 30 Wheatgrass shots - Super ECONOMICAL,

Concentrated with benefitial nutrients - Super EFFICIENT


Compare Winter Wheatgrass with our Tropical Wheatgrass


Winter Wheatgrass Powder

Tropical Wheatgrass Powder


just 0.420 g/100g

6.15 g/100g (10x More)


Harvested once a year

Harvested every 7 days



Compare Wheatgrass Juice to Wheatgrass Powder


Wheatgrass Juice

Tropical Wheatgrass Powder


Lost nutrients when straining the fiber

from the juice

Fiber remains in the green powder and retains all  nutrients


Tedious to make juice & difficult to grow in  all climatic conditions / seasons

Easy to carry & ready to use. Have your

Wheatgrass shot anywhere, any time! 


Strong and overpowering after taste

Mix with water and tastes mild.  Easily


buy wheatgrass powder Philippines
Price: $30
100g or 3.5oz = 30 Servings
Millionaire Mind Group Co. Ltd. USA

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