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Benifits of Wheatgrass

What is Wheatgrass ?

Wheatgrass is a natural health product having highly nutritious value. It is Natures Gift to Mankind for maintaining health & wellness. Wheatgrass is produced by allowing the sprouted organic wheat seeds to grow up to a height of about six inches till the green leaf begins to form a stem.


The wheat seeds are grown for 7 days and then harvested at the ‘jointing stage’ when the maximum nutrition content is ‘stored’ in these tender blades of grass.  It is then dehydrated indoors naturally (without direct sunlight / mechanism) and grounded into fine powder.  All the beneficial nutrients are ‘stored’ in the powder as in fresh grass.


Wheatgrass contains more than 92 beneficial nutrients like chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are beneficial to human health.

Wheat Grass

Benefits of Wheatrgrass

Why Tropical Wheatgrass is better than Winter Wheatgrass?

Our competitors’ use Winter Wheatgrass which is grown for 200+ days.  The wheat seed has limited ‘stored nutrition’ to support the plant growth at the initial jointing stage until it’s stem gets formed. Winter Wheatgrass must stay in the ground longer bypassing the ‘jointing stage’ and therefore losing the maximum nutrition content.

One example of the lost nutrition is the amount of chlorophyll in Winter Wheatgrass, which is 0.420g per 100grams while Tropical Wheatgrass has 6.15g per 100grams.  The result is ten times more chlorophyll in Tropical Wheatgrass.  Plus Tropical Wheatgrass is fresher considering that it can be harvested every seven days while Winter Wheatgrass is only harvested once a year.

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