Buy Wheatgrass Powder USA
Wheatgrass Powder business / dealership opportunity USA

We welcome the business enquiries from any individual or company interested in marketing this Health Food Supplement. 


  • We are looking to appoint area Dealers in each district / state of the USA

  • Buy in small quantities & market the product through your contacts / shop

  • We provide back up support, guidance & long distance training over the phone / emails

  • We help new people settle in the business as Tropical Wheatgrass Powder Dealers

Just like any other health product, marketing of Tropical Wheatgrass Powder by word of mouth publicity or referral promotion is the best option. Wheat Grass Powder marketing can be done as a “work from home” or “business from home.”  This is not a network marketing or MLM business, but it is a traditional marketing business.

Wheatgrass powder business/dealership opportunity in USA

Following are the highlights of our Business Offer:


  • Assured market share - area exclusivity within states

  • Great discount– to give you high income even in low volume sale

  • Low cost entry– start with minimum order of 24 bottles

  • Easy to start – no need for a big space or experience

  • Open to all – individual person / company / shop

  • Time flexible – make your own schedule as you work from home

  • Great for start-ups - additional product to existing retail, food or health business

  • Low advertising cost – ‘word of mouth’ publicity works best as you tell your story of how the product has benefited you

  • Full support – free sales & marketing guidance by phone / email

  • Free sales leads – we forward customer enquiries to active Dealers


MLM Marketing style

Traditional Marketing (Our Offer)

Market Share

Many Dealers may crop up in the same area which cuts into your market share.

We offer area exclusivity. Hence your market share is assured.


Less margin to the Dealer as money goes to the up line chain.

No chain, hence the entire margin is passed on to the Dealer.

Income growth

Depends on your retail sales ability & the down line team’s performance.

No need of team building. Income grows as your sales ability grows.


May not be for long term if the down line team gets disturbed.

Long term sustainable as full business control is in your hands.

Product Cost

May be overpriced to create margin for distribution in the chain.

Reasonably priced & affordable to customers.

Millionaire Mind Group Co. Ltd. USA

Contact Us :

Supernatural Health Institute
1244 Old Trail Drive, Crozet, VA  22932.
Phone: Tel- 434.960.1841 (Anna Burt)

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Wheatgrass Powder Dealership opportunity
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